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Silk screen equipment we supply is produced in the USA by reputable and well known manufacturers. These machines can be acquired individually or as a combined kit depending on your needs.

The process of silk screening may be challenging, but hard work will produce an amazing outcome. To help you design flawless merchandise, our company includes everything you need for the silk screening process.

When a customer has a unique need where a machine is not available we produce our own equipment to satisfy their requirements.

This silk screen jig is specially designed by Photo Process Manufacturing to silk screen curved surfaces, such as; coffee cups, drinking glasses and anything with a curved surface.

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Curved Surface Jig

This specialty jig for curved surfaces has the unusual nickname of “SPARKY”.

We also offer machines in various combinations referred to as kits.

Our Starter Kits and and Advanced Kits provide all of the hardware you need to Start Making Money from day one.

The only thing you need to furnish are the products you want to silk screen and the customers.

Silk Screen Starter Kit #1

Starter Kit #1

The Starter Kits are designed to offer a turn-key solution to anyone entering the Silk Screen market, most noteworthy, all at a minimal cost.

Our kits provide all of the hardware you need to start making money from day one.

Platinum Advanced Kit

Platinum Advanced Kit

The Advanced Systems are for the experienced professionals, who want some of the best equipment available.

The biggest advantage of having your own screen printing equipment is that you will be able to customize shirts, hats, glass, bags and other items. Branding your company’s name everywhere will help bring in future customers.

Think about how a clothing store started from the basics. They simply branded their merchandise and let people become their walking billboards.

Each product you purchase from Photo Process Screen Mfg. Co. comes with FREE technical phone support.

This FREE technical support will give you the advantage you need over your competition. The more products you purchase from Photo Process Screen Mfg. Co., the more FREE technical support you earn.

Photo Process Screen Mfg. Co. has over 70 years experience in the Silk Screening Business. Our staff will guide you every step of the way