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Silk Screen Frames and Mesh from Photo Process Screen Manufacturing offer our clients a variety; hence, we provide the appropriate frame for them.

We also supply a wide selection of fabric mesh, as a result, the right amount of ink can penetrate the screen.

Our specialists customize your frame size to allow flawless silk screen designs.

Aluminum & Mesh

$10 and up

Aluminum frames are welded together at the corners consequently they are durable and strong. We offer many different sizes of frames.

Aluminum Frames

Wood & Mesh

$10 and up

Wooden frames are constructed of high quality wood. They are carefully sanded after assembly beacause a smooth finish is highly desireable.

Wood Frames

Silk Screening Process

The frame’s main role for the silk screening process is to hold the piece of mesh in place. In the frame, a stencil is put on top of the screen so light is blocked off from certain areas of the mesh.

While applying the different layers of ink, the frame makes sure the image doesn’t move and ink doesn’t leak.

After leaving the screen under light, masking tape is used on the screen and frame to prevent ink from spilling.